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The Climbing Frame Factory

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The Climbing Frame Factory

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Building Info & Safety

Where should I set up the Wickey climbing frame?

We advise you to assemble your Wickey frame on a level surface. A grass or sand surface with enough remaining space around the frame is very suitable. We recommend laying safety mats if you have a hard floor.

How do I secure the climbing frame to the ground?

Even when your climbing frame seems to be stable and secure: to ensure your children’s safety, we advise securing every climbing frame firmly into the ground. This anchoring improves the stability of the climbing frame or the swing. Generally, you can choose between the different ground anchors. All ground anchors are attached to the climbing frame posts using screws. Which ground anchor is best suited to each frame and each ground type? You will find the information about how many ground anchors you need in each product description. Below you will find an example of where to attach the ground anchors.

  • Ground anchors
    Safety anchors
    Angle anchors
  • Grundanker
  • Square beams/slanted
  • Swing beams
  • Round beams
  • Tiny-/Flyer series
  • Smart-/Prime series
  • Loose, sand-like ground
    (always set in concrete)
  • Firm, stony ground
  • Assembly tips
    Easiest assembly

    Twist in or set in concrete
    Easy assembly*

    Set in concrete
    Easy assembly*

    Set in concrete
    Easy assembly*

    Set in concrete
    Easy assembly*

    Set in concrete
  • Stability
    Safe and secure
    Safe and secure
    Safe and secure

*Tip: mount on the inside so that the ground anchor is not visible from the outside

How many ground anchors do I need for my play equipment?

In general, we advise securing each post leading to the ground with ground anchors. Ladders and climbing walls should also be secured with 2 ground anchors. All the necessary information about the required number of ground anchors is given in the individual product descriptions. Below you can see an example of where to attach the ground anchors.


How do I secure the climbing frame ground anchors in concrete?

Fixing the ground anchors in concrete is for the stability of the playset and is therefore advised by us. This picture gives an overview:


How many safety tiles do I need and where should I put them?

To reduce the risk of injury we recommend safety tiles. It is always better if the ground beneath a climbing frame is soft and breaks your fall. Our safety tiles measure 50x50cm. We recommend a surface of at least:

• 4 pieces for each climbing wall/ladder
• 2 pieces for each slide
• 6 pieces underneath each swing seat
• 4 pieces underneath each climbing rope/net
• 4 pieces underneath each rope ladder


Is it easy to assemble Wickey playsets?

Unlike most do-it-yourself kits, Wickey climbing frames are already pre-sawn. All necessary screws including safety caps are included. For optimal installation you only need these five items:


Spirit level

Rubber Mallet

Stop bracelet

Wrench set

Can I assemble the playset in a different configuration as mentioned in the instruction manual?

With the detailed assembly instructions supplied and a little craftsmanship, assembly should be possible. The main components, like the body of the climbing frame, should be assembled according to the instruction manual. Our playsets are designed to be safe, solid and secure. Any change in this construction is at your own risk and may seriously affect your warranty claim. All playsets can be assembled mirrored. All indications are recommendations, without warranty.