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Scramble net 200x125 cm PP

With side straps, without scaffolding

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Scramble net 200x125 cm

Product Details

Scramble net 200x125 cm

The princess has just been rescued from the ship of the local pirate captain and now the next challenge is already waiting: The princess is thirsting for a sip of fresh coconut milk. In the twinkling of an eye, the little heroes climb the enormous palm trees that tower up into the sky around them. Heave-ho and up! Such a climbing tour is a piece of cake for our little heroes. "Attention down there" one of the little ones shouts and throws a delicious, juicy coconut into the warm sand. Challenge mastered! But now the small group treats itself to a nice refreshment.

  • Resistant polypropylene mesh with handmade knots
  • Dimensions 200x125 cm
  • Rope Ø10 mm
  • Mesh width 25x25 cm
  • Galvanised steel rear hook
  • Black polypropylene rope connections
  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • Extremely weatherproof
  • Wooden frame not included

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
For domestic use only under direct adult supervision
The indicated measurements and colours may vary slightly

Additionally you will need

Rubber safety tile 50x50x4.5 cm

Rubber safety tile 50x50x4.5 cm

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Special Price €14.95

Incl. 21% VAT.